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Free marketing & BD benchmarking report comparing data from 152 Australasian law firms.

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Is your Australasian law firm Winning Work in a Digital World with its marketing and BD efforts? Conducted in partnership with the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA), our research provides comparative data and experiences from 152 law firms in these critical areas:

  1. How good firms are at converting enquiries into clients
  2. The most popular and effective online, digital and social media marketing and BD approaches  
  3. How focused firms are on client satisfaction
  4. In-firm cultures and attitudes towards marketing and BD
  5. How your firm's marketing and BD efforts compare to similar firms. 

About Julian Midwinter & Associates

Julian Midwinter & Associates is a business development consultancy focused on helping professional service firms attract, win, grow and retain clients.

We expertly support law firms by:

- Strategising, writing and producing winning tenders, bids, and proposals
- Coaching and training lawyers in positive business development behaviours
- Planning, developing and executing effective business development strategies.

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